ford stock forecast 2030 | Ford Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2040 to 2050.

Ford Motor Company, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, has a rich history dating back to its founding by Henry Ford in 1903. Originally known as The Henry Ford Enterprise in 1901, the company transformed into the Cadillac Motor Company in 1902 before officially becoming Ford in 1903. In this article, we will offer a comprehensive analysis of Ford stock forecast 2030, employing both technical and fundamental analysis techniques.Today, Ford sells a range of products, from luxury cars under the Lincoln brand to automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand. Additionally, Ford holds significant stakes in companies such as Jiangling Motors in China, Aston Martin, and Brazilian SUV manufacturer Troller.

Stock NameFord Motor Company (F)
Market Cap49.70 Billion
Current Price$12.42
52 Week Range$10.90 – $15.42
Avg Volume49,763,377
Beta (5y Monthly)1.63
PE Ratio(TTM)12.06
EPS (TTM)1.03
Earning DateOct-14-2023 to Oct-30-2023
Ex. Dividend DateJuly – 24 – 2023
1y Target Est.$14.64

Ford Stock Forecast 2023–2050

YearsMinimum PriceAvg PriceMaximum Price
Ford Stock Forecast 2023 to 2050

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Ford Stock Forecast 2023:

In 2023, Ford stock is anticipated to reach a high of $17.02, with a floor at $12.40. Our forecast suggests an average selling price of $13.5 for the year. This projection indicates potential value growth for Ford stock in 2022, making it an appealing investment.

Ford Stock Forecast 2024:

Our analysis predicts that by 2024, Ford stock may achieve a peak of $23.30 and a low of $15.30 Assuming market stability, we expect an average selling price of $16.20, signaling the potential for profitable sales in 2024.

Ford Stock Forecast 2025:

In 2025, Ford stock is projected to reach a new record high of $26.34, with a potential decline to $20.35 A steady market would result in an average selling price of $22.05. This could present an attractive opportunity for experienced investors to capitalize on profit.

Ford Stock Forecast 2026:

Our forecast for 2026 suggests a promising year for Ford shareholders, with projected highs and lows of $33.37 and $25.40, respectively. With stability in the economy, an average selling price of $27.06 is expected. We advise careful monitoring of Ford stocks for both trading and buying opportunities.

Ford Stock Forecast 2027:

Consider your options in 2027, as Ford stock is poised for potential growth. Predictions point to a high of $38.50 and a low of $32.60, with an average price of $34.20 Caution is recommended, given the inherent economic exposure in trading and investing.

Ford Stock Forecast 2028:

In 2028, Ford stockholders may experience a fortunate year, with highs and lows of $44.50 and $36.15, respectively. Assuming a stable economy, an average selling price of $38.50 is projected. Holding onto shares for longer periods may lead to even greater gains.

Ford Stock Forecast 2029:

Continuing the upward trajectory, 2029 could see Ford stock reach a peak of $48.05 and a minimum of $43.50. An average selling price of approximately $44.06 is anticipated for 2028.

Ford Stock Forecast 2030:

2030 holds the potential for Ford shareholders to prosper, with highs and lows of $50.05 and $47.02, respectively. Thanks to a stable market, each shareholder could expect $48.28. It’s important to conduct thorough research and consult financial experts before making investment decisions.

Ford Stock Forecast 2040:

Ford is poised for strong growth, with projections indicating a price of $110.05 for the year 2040. This could potentially increase to $119.56 in the first half of the year, followed by $112.50 in the second half. Investing in Ford for the long term has the potential to yield substantial returns.

Ford Stock Forecast 2050:

Looking ahead to 2050, Ford stock could offer substantial gains, with highs of $260.85 and lows of $230.80. The average price is expected to stabilize at $235.85, presenting an opportunity for investors to celebrate substantial returns.


This article does not provide investment advice regarding the purchase of stocks. ford stock forecast 2030 is derived from independent assessments at this particular moment. However, it’s important to recognize that circumstances can evolve, and the actual stock price may differ from the forecast. Keep in mind that stocks are a volatile asset, and it’s crucial to assess the associated risks when making investment decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I purchase Ford stock directly from the company?

You have the option to acquire Ford stock directly from Ford Motor Company. However, the majority of investors typically opt to purchase shares through a securities brokerage firm, which often involves incurring processing fees.

Do Ford stockholders receive discounts?

Ford extends the X-Plan, referred to as the Ford Shareholders Discount Program, offering substantial discounts on new Ford vehicles. This program has the potential to result in substantial savings, potentially amounting to thousands of dollars on your vehicle purchase.

What happens if you own 100 shares of Ford?

The amount of dividends received by a shareholder is proportionate to the number of shares they own. For example, if a company declares a $0.40 dividend per share and you own 100 shares, you will receive $40 in dividends.


Ford’s stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and the company’s recent reorganization into three distinct sectors – Ford Blue, Ford Model E, and Ford Pro – underscores its dedication to both conventional and electric vehicles. If you’re contemplating investing in Ford shares, the current moment presents a promising opportunity. To fully leverage this potential, it’s advisable to make informed decisions and seek guidance from financial experts.

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